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Brand identity design for British film Creeping Zero

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment
Back in 2004 I created a title sequence for Christopher Smith’s film “Creep“. It was a horror movie about a woman who gets trapped in a London subway station. She is being pursued by a potential attacker and heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city’s streets. Watch an excerpt of the title sequence and you will get the picture. 


The film was produced by Dan Films.  We got on very well but for some reason we haven’t had a chance to work together again… until now.

Recently Dan Films got in touch with me with regards to their new movie called “Creeping Zero”.

It is directed by Bill O’Brien and already in production, with parts of it still in funding stages.

Here’s  the plot:

It is 60 years into the future and civilization is divided. The Creeping Zero team are
employed to protect their fellow humans from having their faces taken by the
enigmatic Fumati. But in a world where your image can be stolen, how can you know
who you really are? Creeping Zero will take you on the ride of your life, but
remember… trust no-one, not even yourself…

Bill asked me if I’d be intersted in creating brand identity for the film and I happily agreed.

The identity was first shown and soft launched at the Berlin Film Festival in February where the film was being promoted.

Here is a sneak preview; watch this space for my further work on this film.

Creeping Zero Mosaic Tiles

Creeping Zero Close Up

Creeping Zero Closer Up

Creeping Zero Logo border


Walking around Berlin for the first time

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Now that it is cheap and easy to travel the world over to find the beautiful in a new country or city – we must carry that beauty with us or we will not find it.

Berlin. February 2010

Berlin. February 2010

Berlin. February 2010

Berlin travel tip:

If you are like me and walk around without a map and like getting lost…you can tell if you are in the East or West of the city by looking at the pedestrian cross lights.

The Ampelmann (designed by Karl Peglau) is the little traffic light man symbol of the East side. By looking at a map later I only walked around the East side, will visit the West next time maybe…


Berlin. February 2010.


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