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Interview with MovieScope

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been recently interviewed by a British film magazine MovieScope.  They wanted to talk to me about my work and film titles design. In the end, the interview turned into a profile piece and got published in its September issue.

Click here to download a PDF of the artcile.

Richard Morrison profile; MovieScope, September, 2010

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Producing short film Grandma

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

 I am currently involved in the production of a short film called Grandma directed by Tania Hoser with June Bailey as “Grandma”.

The film is a story about children trying to understand and cope with the death of their grandma as seen through their own innocent perception of life and death.

June Bailey as 'Grandma'

June Bailey as "Grandma"

 We are in the latter stages of completing the film. You might have read about it in local press during casting stages. 

Casting for Grandma

The film is likely to be shown at a number of film festivals in 2011. Stay tuned, more details to come.
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My Los Angeles office opens

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I have some exciting news to announce. I have launched a production company in LA with my friends Mo Henry and Dominic Buttimore. We called it Morrison Buttimore Henry and you can check out our website at  

Mo is one of the most trusted and experienced negative cutters in the film industry while Dominic is a successful producer with animation background and film production facilities at his disposal.

We have each individually enjoyed an industry-wide acclaim, so MBH is about us coming together and making the most of our talent, expertise and industry reputation. 

We will initially focus on designing movie sequences and end-credits. 

I have always imagined having an office near the Hollywood sign - now we have


We’re pleased that the news of our arrival in LA has already attracted some press attention from Creativity, AWNPost Magazine, Dexigner and Shoot magazine . If you’ve missed it , see below.

Our official press announcement:


Richard Morrison, the UK’s most prolific designer of film titles sequences, has launched a production company in Los Angeles with two partners from the industry.

Morrison, together with producer Dominic Buttimore of production group th1ng and Los Angeles’ acclaimed negative cutter, Mo Henry, will open Morrison Buttimore Henry from today, 16 September 2010. The business will initially focus on designing movie sequences and end-credits.

Morrison is the creative force behind some of the most critically-acclaimed opening titles. They include a host of blockbuster movies such as Golden Compass, Vantage Point, Enemy at the Gates and Tim Burton’s Batman and Sweeney Todd.

The BAFTA-winning film editor, Mick Audsley, who has worked with Morrison, said: “Nobody ‘reads’ a movie better than Richard. This is expressed in his exceptional and inventive titles work that always epitomizes the ‘heart beat’ of the films themselves. In short, he is simply the best.”

With more than 150 title sequences to his credit, Morrison has made an extraordinary contribution to the genre. Empire magazine said: “A great movie title sequence is like a great book cover – or, indeed, a short film. Its importance cannot be underestimated; first impressions last. Richard Morrison is the veteran of this underappreciated art form.”

Dominic Buttimore has been producing animation and live action for 22 years. He is the founder of multi award-winning production group, th1ng. The group, which includes th1ng (mixed media and animation), th2ng (live action specialists) and Film Club Productions, is recognised for creating and producing some of the best animation, commercials and title sequences for film, television and the web.

Mo Henry probably has more movies with her name in the credits than anyone else except Disney, Dolby, or Warner! An A to Z, ranging from Apocalypse Now to Zombieland.  She’s also trusted with archiving the original camera negative for Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. “When directors trust their original negatives to someone and studios trust their archives, that person has got to be pretty terrific. That’s Mo Henry,” said multiple Emmy-award winner Mark Schubin of the Hollywood Post Alliance.

Commenting on their new venture, Richard Morrison said: “I have always imagined having an office near the Hollywood sign – now we have. We very much look forward to start working on LA’s next film productions.”

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