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Night shoot – ‘Progression’

Looking up away from the action. A thought entered my mind that big oak trees grow out of acorns. I think I heard that from a squirrel.

Night shoot - ‘Progression’



Our first full-length production – ‘Progression’ (a working title) is shooting with a great band of brothers (and one mean bitchin’ sister) pulling out all the stops to create a neat little film, which hopefully will catch the attention of the ‘suits’ far and wide.

Behind the scenes on the set of 'Progression'

Behind the scenes on the set of 'Progression'

Behind the scenes on the set of 'Progression'

Behind the scenes on the set of 'Progression'


Our short film is now finished and as been sent out to chosen festivals.

Grandma Main Title Frame

Grandma Main Title Frame

Training films are there to stimulate debate and get people looking at a problem and work out a solution that is true to them.” Yvonne Archer – Pilgrims Hospice

Grandma is in a different league to the training and information films I have seen.” Rob Woolley Hospice in the Weald

Lay the Favorite

August 8, 2011 1 comment

Brings back my continued collaboration with director Stephen Frears. An unpredictable dreamer, Beth transforms from in-house stripper in Tallahassee to gambler’s assistant in Las Vegas, working Din, one of the most successful sports gamblers in the business. Stars Rebecca Hall & Bruce Wills.

We are currently plotting our design based on an electronic betting board grid system with split screen. Below is our grid and a style frame for you to see – ‘no stripping yet!’

Lay the Favorite logo

Betting board grid system with logo

Lay the Favorite style frame

Lay the Favorite style frame

Day of the Flowers

Currently working on a new feature film title sequence for director John Roberts. The story begins in Glasgow following two sisters who decide to take their father’s ashes back to Cuba where he was most happy in the 70’s. Then the flash points unfold. The title main sequence pulls on the use of super8 footage from Glasgow & Cuba.

Day of the Flowers main title frame

Day of the Flowers main title frame

Our continuing work on the Redshift brand now moves online

We’ll post more as this develops over the next couple of weeks.

Redshift Homepage Design

Redshift homepage

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