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Theatre of Dreams

We’ve scored another one in the back of the net! After our meeting and screening yesterday with producers Manuela Nobel and Ben Timlett. The whistle blew for full-time with us picking up the trophy for the title sequence for their new film ‘Theatre of Dreams‘.

Theatre of Dreams

From the same camp that made ‘A Liar’s Autobiography‘, Bill (Jones) and Ben (Timlett) Productions and Written and directed by David Scheinmann. The film has been poised as ‘Billy Elliot‘ meets ‘Bend it Like Beckham‘, telling a warm family fictional tale of Matt Busby who helps a young boy fulfill his footballing dreams, whilst still overcoming the tragedy of Manchester United’s Busby Babes plane disaster.

Newcomer to film 11 year old Jack Smith plays the young boy Georgie, having outplayed hundreds of hopefuls to win the lead role. He stars opposite Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity) who plays Sir Matt and Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show) who plays his mum.

Theatre of Dreams

We are now starting to warm up and we’ll give you running commentary once we have kicked-off.


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