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Zaytoun titles go on-line at BUF in Paris

I arrived to a quiet Paris this morning in the middle of the holiday season, with the streets having been left mainly deserted of the usual traffic jams that one is a custom to in the French capital.

We are now in BUF putting the stuffing into the main title sequence for Zaytoun and I have noticed their 3D department do like a trophy cabinet as you can see!

I am here with the film’s director Eran Riklis and post production supervisor Michael Saxton for the on-line edit and I will try to avoid being added to the cabinet!

“Did that Hare just move or was that my 3D Imagination?”

buf display case



Skyfall 007 News Flash


Sam Mendes

Richard Morrison has been spotted on several occasions entering the cutting rooms of Skyfall, for meetings with Sam Mendes and Stuart Baird.

Post-Olympic Production News

With the Olympics having come to a close. We have managed to pick up a few medals, already winning a gold for ‘Riot of Redchurch Street. The main title sequence for Trevor Miller and Sean McLusky’s new film has now been completed.

Dean and I are sprinting to the finishing line for the main title sequence for ‘The Numbers Station. There have been a few hurdles to get over first, but we are on target and looking for a great result.

The Numbers Station and Riot of Redchurch Street

Left: Riot on Redchurch Street, Right: The Numbers Station

Theatre of Dreams‘ has already kicked-off another tournament for us. Our first stage designs have been approved and second stage development is now underway. The team is very happy.

The main title sequence for ‘Zaytoun‘ has also been approved by director Eran Riklis. We now head-off to Paris in the next few days to start the on-line at BUF.

Concept development for Stephen Frears’s new film ‘Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight‘ for HBO, now goes into the ring ready to come out fighting.

theatre of dreams, zaytoun, muhammad ali's greatest fight

Left: Theatre of Dreams, Middle: Zaytoun, Right: Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

And finally, we also have some extra exciting results, which we will look forward to sharing with you in the next few days.


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