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BAFTA, What next for the UK Film Industry?

BAFTA - What Next For The UK Film Industry

Tomorrow night I will be joining the question time at the Princess Anne Theatre – BAFTA, as part of the conversation to quiz some of the industry’s brightest thinkers about the ups and downs and highs and lows for UK films in 2012, and to see where we’re heading this year and beyond.

On the panel along with Kate O’Connor – Executive Director and Deputy CEO of Creative Skillset and Wendy Mitchell – Editor of Screen International and Screendaily.com, will be Iain Smith – Chair of the British Film Commission and Producer of such films as ‘Wanted’ and ‘Children of Men’.

I first met Iain back in 1984 on The Killing Fields‘ working with Roland Joffé who directed the film, and then a couple of years later in 1986 on Roland’s next film The Missionstarring Robert De Niro. The following year I had the great pleasure again as we teamed-up for Seven Years in Tibet, which was the first film I did for Jean-Jacques Annaud, who later I went on and created the titles for Enemy at the Gates and Two Brothers.

Titles sequences done for Producer Iain Smith

Joining Iain will also be James Watkins – Director and Screenwriter, with credits including ‘Woman in Black’ and ‘Eden Lake’. Plus Xavier Marchand – Managing Director of Momentum Pictures and President of International Distribution of Alliance Films. Xavier’s recent films include Welcome to the Punch‘ – which we also created the title sequences for.

It will be good to catch-up with Iain and to see what insights the panel can share on key issues affecting UK film.

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