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Jupiter Ascending Title Sequence

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment


The planets have aligned, as we are excited to share the news that we are now underway with the title sequence for The Wachowski’s latest movie, Jupiter Ascending for Warner Bros.

After meeting with Lana Wachowski and Post Supervisor Chris Berg here at De Lane Lea in Soho, and having spent the last couple of months in research and development. Dean and I are now underway with our VFX team on-board at The Morrison Studio, planning and scheduling the build of the 3D main and end title sequences along with the end roller.

It’s an exciting film for us to be involved with, which will join a long list of Wachowski’s films, such as Cloud Atlas, V for Vendetta, Speed Racer and The Matrix Trilogy.

Jupiter Ascending tells he story of Jupiter Jones played by Mila Kunis (Black Swan, The Book of Eli), born under a night sky with signs predicting that she was destined for great things. As an adult she dreams of the stars but wakes up in the cold reality of a job cleaning toilets and endless bad breaks. Along comes Caine (Channing Tatum – Don Jon, White House Down), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter. Arriving on Earth to track her down to show her fate that has been waiting for her all along. A genetic signature marking her as the next in line for an extraordinary inheritence that could alter the balance of the cosmos.

Also starring Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings, The Island) and Tuppence Middleton (Trance, A Long Way Down), and produced by Grant Hill (Unit Production Manager – Titanic, Speed Racer and The Matric Reloaded) along with both Lana and Andy. The film is due for release later in the summer.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with our progress, and sharing with you as we go.

Take a look here at the new trailer, to keep you going in the meantime:

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Berlinale Special highlights two World Premieres

January 21, 2014 Leave a comment

Berlinale 2014

The Berlin International Film Festival is nearly upon us (Feb 6-16), unveiling an 18-strong line-up for its Berlinale Special strand, including nine World Premieres.

Two stand-out World Premiere’s specially highlighted this year are A Long Way Down, starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan, and The Two Faces of January, the directorial debut of Drive screenwriter Hossein Amini starring Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Isaac.

Having created the title sequences for both, we couldn’t be any happier. And excited to see both films getting a great reception.

A Long Way Down and The Two Faces of January

A Long Way Down, is an adaptation of Nick Hornby’s bestseller about four people who meet on New Year’s Eve and form a surrogate family to help one another weather the difficulties of their lives. It stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette and Imogen Poots.

The Two Faces of January, is a con artist thriller from the director of Drive Hossein Amini, which stars Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst and Inside Llewyn Davis’ Oscar Isaac.

Begin with the End in Mind

January 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Join me in the creative journey and approach to designing a title sequence.

I head back down to Falmouth University on Friday 7th Feb, to meet up with Senior Lecturer of Digital Animation Derek Hayes.

I’m looking forward to assessing the L2 students latest title sequence projects, and giving a Lecture on the creative journey and approach to designing a title sequence.

Hope you have all done your homework!

Note: Image by Emma Welton, BA (Hons) Photography – Falmouth University – All images remain the property of their respective owners. Copyrights apply.

New Release – Out Now: ENDROLLER.COM

January 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Introducing the new, specialist design service for accurate, legible, beautifully typeset end rollers.

Founded by titles legend Richard Morrison and long-term creative partner Dean Wares, brings world-class technical and design expertise within reach of any film or TV project.

We’ve distilled over 30 years’ experience into one specialist studio, focused solely on end crawls.
Whatever the format or output, and whatever your budget – from major features to short films,
documentaries, TV and digital – you can rely on to deliver. Every time.

Talk to us about your project now:

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