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Dementamania Title Sequence

At long last, we have great pleasure in sharing our title sequence for Kit Ryan’s Dementamania.

Frustrated with the social injustice he faces everyday and the bureaucratic culture of the office where he works, Edward Arkham (Samuel Robertson) is at boiling point.

Although a successful analyst with a leading IT consultancy, years of routine have taken their toll, and the unbearable daily monotony fuels his frustration and bitterness.

Dementamania Film

When Edward is stung by a mysterious bug, it results in a painful and aggressive rash which unlocks the door to a secret world inside his head causing nightmarish fantasies to manifest themselves within vivid hallucinations. As the rash spreads and threatens to envelop his entire body, his visions become more terrifying and reality begins to drift further from his grasp.

Please enjoy:

Ronin Pictures and Green Screen Productions in association with Gloucester Place Films and International Pictures Three in association with Premiere Picture and Opix Films. Stars Samuel Robertson, Vincent Regan, Geoff Bell and Kal Penn. Original Score by Guy Farley, Costume Designer Erika Okvist, Edited by Jeremy Gibbs, Production Designer Jon Bunker and Director of Photography Gerry Lively.

Executive Produced by Nigel Thomas, Charlotte Walls, David Rogers, Jason Garrett, Michael Cowan and Terrence Ryan. Co-Producers Alan Latham, Neil Tuohy. Produced by Anis Shlewet and James T. Ryan. Written by Anis Shlewet and Directed by Kit Ryan.

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