I am one of the world’s leading designers of film title sequences. In a career spanning three decades, I have created over 150 title sequences – from blockbuster movies to cult classics – for many of the industry’s most respected film directors and producers.

I began my career with Maurice Binder on the Bond series. Over the course of 30 years, I have become the most prolific British films titles’ designer.

My credits span Hollywood blockbusters such as Batman, Enemy at the Gates, A Fish called Wanda and A Passage to India to cult classics like Brazil, Sweeney Todd and Quadrophenia for directors as varied as Sir David Lean, Kenneth Branagh and Stephen Frears to Jean-Jacques Annaud, Ridley Scott and Tim Burton.

I am an author, graphic designer and lecturer. In 2001, I published CUT to critical acclaim. Since 2002, I have been chairman of Europe’s leading film and animation conference “Pencil to Pixel” and in 2009 I was appointed Honorary Professor of Digital Film School of Media Arts and Imaging at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

In recent years, I have branched into movie production. I am currently producing the big screen adaptation of The Dragon Conspiracy, based on a trilogy of books by P. R. Moredun. I’m also in development with the writer/director Tania Hoser on her independent film Perfect Order.

So here’s my blog… have a look and if you would like to contact me – email either Dean or myself at:

richard@richard-morrison.co.uk or

I look forward to hearing from you, happy reading.

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