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Our latest highlights – COMING SOON!

Our latest highlights - coming soon


Paul Hyett’s new horror HOWL

The latest in the studio sees the completion of our titles on the new “creature feature” horror flick ‘HOWL‘, from up and coming director Paul Hyett.

Known for his SFX work on ‘The Woman in Black‘ and ‘The Descent‘, Paul’s directorial debut was with the fantastic British horror drama ‘The Seasoning House‘.

Now together with producers Martin Gentles (The Liability) and Ed King (Ali G Indahouse) of Starchild Pictures, starring Ed Speelers (Eragon) and Holly Weston (John Carter) leading the cast alongside Shauna Macdonald (Happy-Go-Lucky) and Elliot Cowan (The Descent). Paul’s new film ‘Howl‘ focuses on a group of passengers traveling on a midnight train who become the unsuspecting meal ticket for a gang of hungry werewolves, forcing a shy ticket inspector to unleash his inner beast to lead his passengers to safety and survive the night.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon. The film is due for release later in the year.

Howl 2015 - Werewolf Film

The Rhythm Stick of Design

January 16, 2015 Leave a comment

How refreshing it is to see a movie poster that not only truly represents the under lying meaning and spirit of this engaging movie. But also delivers a strikingly visual eye catching piece of pure graphic design at the same time.

Whiplash tube poster

The balance between the photographic representation of the drumstick and the figure of Miles Teller in complete harmony with the block-slab typography. The orange colour palette evoke the sense of past time i.e. graphics of the 60’s, but to my eye also comes across as modern in over all tone and use of space in the layout.

I bet this will be a collector’s poster in due course.

The film releases in UK cinemas today.

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