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Luke Morrison – The Mill, Chicago

Andrea Michell chats with Luke Morrison

Andrea Michell chats with Luke Morrison over coffee in Chicago


Luke has been heading up the colour department at the fast expanding Mill operation in Chicago for the past 20 months. He’s thriving in the city, and talked about some of the differences in his work Stateside, compared to London.

He says in London it is more typical to work closely with the director and DOP (director of photography), and that the director will lead the project through to sign off.

In Chicago the director more typically hands over after the shoot, and with commercials the advertising agency takes the lead through post. What that means for Luke is that the ad agency places more faith in his skill and judgement to interpret the look, the image and their client’s needs.

Another big plus is the general working atmosphere. He says in Chicago it feels more of a family atmosphere and less dog eat dog. There’s a flavour of mid-Western hospitality and easy going-ness, driven by knowing underneath everyone will really pull out all the stops to deliver.

Being a colourist, he says, is about understanding the director or the creative’s intent for the piece, to create consistency and adding or reinforcing the message they are trying to get across to the viewer.

The exciting jobs are the ones where you can push the boundaries and discover something new. Most often the job is about keeping colour true to life but adding a more filmic quality. He says with colour it is subtle, it is objective. Colourists do have a bit of a language of their own, with talk of milky blacks, and peaky highs.

Rescuing a shoot in the colour suite happens more often than you think.

We often get rushes where it is meant to be a shoot in bright hot sunshine, but it is rainy and overcast and you have to get that summer beach feeling. Generally, yes, we can do it.

Outside The Mill Luke is keen on travel as a way of changing perspective and expanding his outlook. He is doing a photography project that involves travelling to different locations and photographing what he finds there over the course of eight hours of a day.

His personal ethos is to respect the old ways, to do things himself, rather than conform to mass produced consumer society. A keen foodie, he makes his own biltong, the traditional smoked preserved meat from South Africa.

Luke’s creative heroes are Jean Michel Basquiat, filmmaker Wes Anderson. Currently he’s listening to the Budos Band, along with South Korea’s classic psychedelic rock star phenomenon Shin Joong Hyun.


Believe – In Cinemas July 25

Believe - Theatre of Dreams

We couldn’t be any more excited to see our dear friend Manuela Noble’s film ‘Believe’ directed by David Scheinmann, get its cinema kick-off.

It’s some time ago since we created the title sequences for Manuela (Wachafilm), and producers Ben Timlett and Bill Jones (Bill and Ben Productions). So we are delighted to see after a greatly received festival circuit, which saw the film pick-up Winner of the Golden Eye Award at the Zurich Film Festival, ‘Believe’ going out UK nationwide July 25.

Manuela let us know that the film will also be screening at 80 schools across the UK on July 15, as part of the ‘In to Film’ government sponsored program. To then be followed with the US and Canada release on September 12, in all cities that have a major league soccer team – including NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

With the Brazil World Cup only coming to a close just days before, we think the timing couldn’t be any better!

Believe Titles

We had great fun designing both the main and end title sequences, and as always a real pleasure playing alongside VFX supremo Alexis Haggar and his team at Lexhag on creating a look and feel in keeping with the 80’s style in the film. Dean and I are especially pleased with the identity we created for the main title logo, having researched the genre and influences of the eighties. The final whistle came from the producers with…

“It is unanimous, we all love it! We believe it’s a winner!!! Thank you so much!”.

Man of the match though surely has to go to film editor Julian Rodd (‘Absolutely Anything’), for a great 1, 2 into the back of the net! Set-up from a great pass from cinematographer Gary Shaw (‘Moon’).

‘Believe’ has been a great film to be involved with. Boasting a great cast, coached by Brian Cox (Sir Matt Busby), with new talent Jack Smith (Georgie Gallagher) scoring lots of goals.

Already receiving some great reviews, such as The Upcoming: ( We think you’ll all going to enjoy this full 96 minutes, without penalties. A real match to all ‘coming of age’ films.

Here’s the latest official trailer for you all to see:

Genre: Children
Runtime: 96 mins
Country, Year: UK, 2014
Languages: English
Screenplay: David Scheinmann
Cinematography: Gary Shaw
Edited by: Julian Rodd
Producers: Manuela Noble, Ben Timlett, Mark Sandell, Aurelio Landolt, Hanspeter Jaberg
Cast: Brian Cox, Jack Smith, Natascha McElhone, Toby Stephens, Phillip Jackson

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